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This section on marketing consists of our most successful worldwide programs that have been effective in increasing sales by at least 1% and as much as 20% in the last decade.
Not every program is ideal for every venue or every country and what worked well a few years back may need to be tweaked and reformulated to bring it current.
Its objective is to take a nugget of a successful marketing concept and examine how it may work successfully for your market.
Some are self-explanatory while others seem mysterious.
I invite you to call me  at 1 (212) 840 – 2510 x201 or EM at [email protected] to discuss any specific program that would be of interest to you or to get additional clarification.
LGP conducts 2-5 marketing seminars highlighting the best currently trending marketing promotions in the over 50 countries we ship.
The best promotions in the last decade from a world premium leader
1. No Peeking now promotion-Greed-Curiosity-guilt increases sales 3.7%
2. Premium as profit center
3. Jewelry on card as premium to existing customers – 9-13%
4. Call customers and thank them – 2%, or add personal card
5. Personally sign in blue and add note
6. Three level marketing for internet
7. Comparison-shop-MSRP or actual receipt. Show items as much as 20%
8. Loyalty cards
9. Continuity in various formats
10. Ring me up
11. Best sellers become premiums
12. Flat pricing
13. Jewelry club
14. Don’t drop price for second purchase of same item, rather give terrific premium
15. Amazon flat rate shipping – very profitable and brings loyalty
16. Coherent arbitrariness-consumers sensitive to relative differences not absolute
17. Decoy marketing-Tribune–  techniques  to  drive  consumer  to your  desired  product
18. Emphasize value-gold and silver increase-opportunity pricing-IE:  buy now  before price  increase
19. B1G1-complete set  buy multiple  piece  set  and get  an additional  complete  multiple  set  additional
20. Free unexpected gift-What’s hidden is more exciting then what is  revealed
21. Free shipping-show ad
22. Avon ad – intends to show buying at $9.99 but is actually $19.99
23. Wraps– immediacy  emphasizes  special  offer
24. Show free  product offer  thru envelope-Statistics from UPO
25. Parcel reserved in your name-free  but pay  shipping or  minimal  price
26. Show perceived size and value, contrast
27. Priming – we are never rational-Raising the bar
28. Prospect theory-losses sting more than gains feel good
29. Behavioral decision-Broadway show comparison. How one acts VS How one ought to act
30. Judgement of monetary value have basis in sensory judgement
31. Yellow color highlights value for women, blue for men – why work col
32. Cash flow – Offer lifetime guarantee and replacement for 10.00
33. 29.99 – 30.00  – It’s a penny but what a difference
34. Rebates – Buy at 200 and get 25 rebate vs buying at 175


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