#389 Purchase all: $0.65/pc, Pick and choose: $0.75 – $1.50/Lot Only

LGP / Promotions for the Global Market » Products Page » Promotions » Closeouts » #389 Purchase all: $0.65/pc, Pick and choose: $0.75 - $1.50/Lot Only

A: J452-JBH80152: 422pcs

B: T494-TY2871: 379pcs - SOLD

C: T494-TY01990: 469pcs

D: J452-JBH80121: 345pcs - SOLD

E: J452-JBR70755: 256pcs - SOLD

F: T494-TY019964: 892pcs - SOLD

G: T494-TY0926: 500pcs - SOLD

H: T494-TY3721: 379pcs

I: T494-TY5341: 315pcs

J: G499-GN7702/1B: 378pcs

K: J452-JJP51162: 351pcs - SOLD

L: Q329-GN092: 300pcs - SOLD

M: T494-TY1283: 478 Necklaces and 449 Earrings

N: Q329:GN1201: 156pcs

O: J452-JJR90696SA: 759pcs - SOLD

Ctns: TBD
Pcs/ctn: TBD
Cartons: TBD

Please Note: Closeouts are sold “as is” based upon their Ex-Warehouse Location.

Changes in packaging (including inserts), testing and Hi-Resolution Photography may incur additional charges.

No discounts apply.

Price: $0.00


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